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  • You can use this insurance when applying for a VISA or extending your VISA at the EMBASSY and IMMIGRATION OFFICE.
  • The REQUIRED minimum COVERAGE of 30,000 euros is guaranteed and is stated on the insurance policy.
  • A FEW SECONDS after registering online, you will receive your insurance documents VIA EMAIL as PDF Files.
  • You need these DOCUMENTS at the next DOCTOR'S visit and for submission to EMBASSIES , CONSULATES and IMMIGRATION OFFICE.
  • Simply PRINT the email and use at the doctor's appointment, visa application or extension.

Who is eligible for cover:

Care College INTERNATIONAL Care College International health insurance is tailored to the needs of language students, guest students, scholarship holders, doctorate students and participants in international projects at universities and colleges.
It also covers the needs of exchange studentsb, on Working Holiday, Work & Travel and Work & Study programmes, as well as other further education and study trips abroad. International health insurance can be taken out up to the insured’s 35th birthday.

What are the insurance benefits:

The benefits cover outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment by all licensed physicians worldwide at the normal local fees.

What does the insurance cost:

from 28 EUR / Month

The premium for "
Care College Basic" international insurance in the first 18 months amounts to 28.00 EUR for "Care College Comfort" 35.00 EUR and for "Care College Premium 63.00 EUR per month.

Taking out insurance:

You can take out an international policy directly online and, after your application has been checked and approved, will receive your insurance documents by e-mail within a few minutes. You can also use these for a visa application. In addition we will send you the full insurance documentation, including the policy, by post within two working days.

In addition to international health insurance, we also recommend that you take out a "Care Protector" accident and liability policy. You can conclude this quite conveniently together with your health insurance under Online Application for a premium from 2.00 EUR per month.



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